Company profile

Consworld is founded in 2000 by Massimo Savoi, a technologist who for years has been looking for the most profitable systems for exploiting fat whey, a residual of cheese manufacturing. This is based on the consideration that Whey is a raw material and not a leftover, as it was always considered.

In the first few years of activity, our objective is mainly to develop technologies that can improve quality and extend the lifetime of different types of ricotta. This allows widening the range of derivative products that can be obtained.

Further on, our main concern becomes building modern automatic plants for manufacturing RICOTTA with different characteristics, aimed at final consumer or for use by industrial or artisan customers.

Today, from a technical and technological viewpoint, we can offer world-unique solutions and innovations. Our strength has become knowledge of all critical steps in the processing of whey and of its residual output. This allows optimizing the overall performance and getting the max economical return.

With the newhey solution, Consworld can offer design and implementation of turnkey manufacturing plants. Our supply includes different technologies which allow manufacturing Butter – Ricotta – Protein powder WPC 60 and 80 – Biogas – Electricity – Steam and Warm Water – all from whey.

All this combines with our capacity to achieve complete plants for manufacturing Cheese – Yoghurt – Milk Powder Reconstitution – Industrial Ice – Packaging of Milk derivatives and all Dairy Services, too.

Our equipments and plants are entirely made in Italy, in particular in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

Our reference list includes customers in Italy, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya etc.

In 2015 the Beaufort Dairy Cooperative (Savoie-France) put us in the list of its main Partners. This objective was achieved thanks to on-site realization of the worldwide most cutting-edge and performing plant for exploitation of 100% of its whey. This extraordinary plant currently applies the whole newhey solution and produces Butter, Ricotta, Protein Powder WPC 80, Electricity and Warm Water.

In 2016 we became part of logo-valgo-300 Group with the aim of carrying the newhey solution wherever whey or scotta should be enhanced.