Small milk systems on Milait model

These small milk systems can pasteurize both fresh milk and reconstituted milk powder by the same machinery.

Completely pre-assembled and easy-to-install Skid. No need for technical support by specialized staff.

The preparation pasteurizers are chosen by customer, available from 300, 600 and 1200 litres of milk per operation.

6 standard models.

List of operations that can be performed

1. Milk preheating or milk powder reconstitution in a special tank with variable capacities of 300-600-1200 L
2. Milk can alternatively be homogenized for a better quality
3. Pasteurization up to 75° C with up to 60-seconds downtime. Values can be modified on customer's request
4. Cooling up to 4° C with chilled water producer
5. Storage at 4° C in isolated, cooled tank
6. Packaging optionally in pre-formed bottles or heat-sealed bags, on customer's choice
7. Simple and safe integrated CIP washing system ensures compliance with the necessary hygiene requirements.


For more information, please send us an e-mail with your hourly and daily demand