Yogurt preparation systems on Easy 6 model

These small systems can pasteurize milk and produce compact or drinkable yogurt.

Completely pre-assembled and easy to install.
No need for technical support by specialized staff.

Preparation systems are from 600 litres of capacity.

Easy 6 model can reconstitute milk powder.

List of operations that can be performed

1. Milk preheating or milk powder reconstitution in a special tank with variable capacities from 300-600-1200 L
2. Pasteurization up to 80° C with downtime according to customer's request
3. Cooling up to 45° C with well water
4. Sending to packaging
5. Packaging optionally in pre-formed bottles or sealed jars from 100 to 500 cc, on customer's choice
6. Simple and safe integrated CIP washing system ensures compliance with the necessary hygiene requirements.


For more information, please send us an e-mail with your hourly and daily demand